Who is JD Harrison?

JD Harrison's destiny has always been making money from sporting events. He was exposed to the gaming industry from a very early age through his family's involvement. This taught JD the basics of handicapping and wagering. His experience was soon being applied to all forms of sports handicapping, and a dynasty was born.

JD initially viewed sports, like most, as a fan. However, he soon found himself being more challenged by the gaming aspect. Being a fan was fine, but being able to break down a game's inner workings and nuances, something that he would coin, "The Edge," would give him the advantage he needed to enter the sports handicapping arena. Today, after 30 years of highly successful sports handicapping, JD Harrison has an elite lifestyle that some might dream about and most can't even imagine.

There are many choices out there for those looking to find just the right handicapper. However if you are looking for stats, trends, or so called can't lose systems, JD Harrison is not your man. If you are looking for someone with an unparalleled network of contacts and information, someone who will treat you like a business partner, and someone who will treat your money like it's his own, then JD Harrison is your man. Simply put, NO ONE WINS MORE!

JD Harrison is not a one-man operation by any means, and he is quick to point out that his unparalleled success would not be possible without his team of sports experts and those who have personally been involved in the games themselves. They network with multiple sports contacts and gather information that is very often unavailable to the general public. Working with the Team is the winning formula that makes his clients profitable year-in and year-out. "The Edge" is what makes JD Harrison the best in the business.

Mission Statement

From the day I opened my doors, my mission was simple: I would provide honest, well-sourced information to my clients. I’d create partnerships with those clients based on mutual trust and respect. Those partnerships would last for years, not weeks or months. And during those years we’d all make a boatload of cash!

Contact Us

3802 East Mandeville Place. Orange, CA 92867.